Broke and Blonde


I'm not always blonde...but I'm always broke.


"Harry sat down on his bed and grabbed Errol’s package, ripped off the brown paper, and discovered a present wrapped in gold, and his first ever birthday card.

Happy Birthday, Harry James Potter! (31/07/1980)

(Art by Mary GrandPré)

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there’s a certain beauty to self-destructing, but at some point it stops being beautiful and just stays destructive

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Someone on Twitter asked me at the Ask Orange event last week what my favorite thing is about Poussey, and I said “her smile.” Because, although a lot of people talk about how the show is a mix between comedy and drama, being in prison is not necessarily funny. It’s not a funny situation. But there can be people in prison who are naturally funny people, and people that you would enjoy spending time with, enjoy sharing a meal with. Although throughout the season you see that Poussey is frustrated by her incarceration, she has four more years to do there, so it’s not like she can so much see her end date. So I think, in contrast to some of the other characters, she really has to make prison her home, and has to make it livable there. I really enjoyed finding the joy within the fucked up-ness of it. —Samira Wiley

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